Hi Y’all! I’m Shelley (the writer of our journey) and I’m a born and raised 8th generation North Carolinian with real Southern skills based on common sense living. I am a working executive, mom of two, and wife.  My husband, Kyle, is a bi-vocational pastor and doer of all things! We love our journey and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Yet it’s far from easy or perfect, as we tackle the normal challenges of doing life in this crazy, fast-paced world.

We’re a homestead family, working professionals, living in beautiful rural North Carolina! Our homestead is an oasis for our family a place we can fill our hearts, renew our minds, inspire others and do life! Come home with us, as we pursue our dream of a rural homestead founded on faith and grown with love. We are perfectly imperfect so, join our journey…. chickens, gardening and thriving for the simple things!

My family of four keeps my on my toes and forces me to get creative with meal prep/planning, organization, and DIY projects (there isn’t anything we won’t try).

Timeless Homestead is a place of inspiration & knowledge for you, the person seeking simple homestead solutions. Each week, we post DIY homestead projects, meal prep/planning, frugal living ideas, gardening tips and hands-on solutions.

Our desire here at Timeless Homestead is to walk with you through the choices & challenges of homesteading, to inspire you with solutions and out-of-the-box ideas for your home and family. This is a place to get inspired and build strong families together!

Ten Random Things about me…

  1. Organization-nerd is a term you could use to describe me. I love to be organized! I love file folders, notebooks, planners, anything that looks like organization. And I love finding the solution to organizational problems. Inefficiency and disorganization are my nemesis!
  2. I love to cook and bake, especially as a family (I’ve learned kids eat what they cook)!
  3. I’m a pastor’s wife. We’ve ministered together over the last 4 plus years, and I love getting to share God’s grace alongside him.
  4. I love Dr.Pepper….it is my coffee.
  5. My family enjoys watching old episodes of Andy Griffith, the A-Team and MacGyver.
  6. Speaking of my husband, we went on our first date and the rest was history. We’ve been married 14 years.
  7. I don’t really like reading fiction. I’m way too critical. I do like to read the end of a story first. And I also like to know how a movie is going to end. Only then do I feel that I can actually relax and enjoy the rest of the plot.
  8. I love gardening and reaping the rewards of a new crop.
  9. I’m a pop-culture know-nothing. I don’t know song/movie titles, artists etc. My iPhone has no music….gasp!
  10. I’m a twin.

Now that you know a little about us, it’s your turn! Tell me a little about yourself! Email me or comment on a post.

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