5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid

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5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid

I’ve learned that sewing is somewhat of a lost art in many generations, especially in generation X and millennial generations. I picked up the craft from my mom. She taught my sisters and me to sew when we were small (8 or 9 years old) and continued to teach us other sewing techniques as we got older. I compiled this list of “5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid” for beginning sewers. Most seamstresses are self-taught and these are common mistakes!

5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 1 – Buying an expensive machine

One of the first mistake beginner sewers make is buying an expensive sewing machine with all the bells and whistles. Of course everyone would love to able to use the best sewing machine on the market but as a “newby” to sewing this is often not the best idea.

I have a Brother sewing machine that was given to me as I left for college. It is simple and easy to use and still my go-to machine. It is simple to use because it doesn’t have a lot of options! As a beginner, too many options can be overwhelming especially if you don’t know what all the options do.

5 Sewing Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 2 – Starting too many projects

The second mistake to avoid, is starting too many projects. It is really easy to get excited about all the sewing projects you’ve dreamed about or “pinned” on Pinterest but this can be a huge mistake. I suggest starting with a simple beginner project and seeing it through to the end. This gives you experience and the confidence to move on to another project. When you are doing too much at one time you can become easily overwhelmed.

Mistake 3 – Using the wrong sewing tools

Another mistake that needs to be avoided is using the wrong sewing tools. I suggest getting basic sewing tools BEFORE you start your first project. It is also important to understand what each tool does. This can save you a lot of time! Check out my Timeless Sewing Guide for an inclusive list of terms with definitions, a list of tools with pictures, and a sewing machine how-to!

Mistake 4 – Not learning sewing terminology

Just as important as the tools is the terminology used when sewing. Do you understand the parts of your sewing machine, how to read a pattern, how to decide how much fabric you need etc. All of these things are important and learning the terms can make sewing easier.

I’ve include a FREE yardage chart below! Conversions always stump me when buying fabric. I know how much fabric I need but always have a hard time converting inches into yards. I keep this handy when I’m working on a new project and need to buy fabric! It works great! This chart is also included in the Timeless Sewing Guide!

Yardage Chart

Mistake 5 – Getting discouraged

I think getting discouraged is the biggest mistake for beginners! It doesn’t take much to become frustrated with a project or with sewing in general. The best way to avoid discouragement is to be prepared. Understand your machine, how it works, learn sewing terminology, and your project details. You can get abreast to all of this in my Timeless Sewing Guide!

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